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"Alive and stable sense of filial duty is comprehended wisely son or daughter more quickly by reading" King Lear "than a boring study of hundreds of volumes on ethics and divine commandments." - Thomas Jefferson. It is unlikely that the value of literature to speak more precisely. Psychologists have long understood the meaning of books influence on the human psyche, and recommend the correct education of children through artistic works. You can tell the child a thousand times that leave one at home is dangerous. But should one read the story of how the boy went for a walk without a mother and stole his wolves, and he will remember it for a lifetime. When the command is the basis of literature where the reader can not simply accept the information, but also to live the story, he develops a completely different attitude to the commandments, and to life in general. Would not it be great if all people in the world read the book. We are sure all the international conflicts would be resolved through negotiations. Books defend human reason by the general zombification, learn to isolate that lie and the truth. Books show man that he is the creator of his own destiny and free to act as it deems proper.

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